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How to Best Utilise Office Cleaning

Routine office cleaning is essential to maintaining a clean and healthy work environment. Furthermore, a clean office can attract new customers and ensure the productivity of your employees. Here are some ways in which you can best utilise a professional office cleaning service.

How to Handle Flood Emergencies

Flood emergencies can happen in and around the home at anytime and anywhere, be it from flash flooding or drainage failure. It’s important to know how to handle these situations so that you can be prepared to minimise or prevent damage, and protect your property and belongings. There are many things you can do to prepare your property in anticipation of a possible disaster; however, this article will deal with what you can do to restore your property after flooding has occurred. Here are some strategies and tips on how to handle flood emergencies.

Carpet Stain Removal Tips

We’ve already discussed carpet stain removal briefly in terms of pet and wine stains. However, here is a more in-depth and exhaustive look at general carpet care and the removal of a variety of other common stains.

Carpet Stain Removal

Almost all of us have experienced frustration and apprehension when it comes to carpet or fabric staining and the removal process. Well, worry no more! Here are some stain removal tips to help you in emergencies.


Pet stains and odours (e.g. from urine) are some of the most difficult stains to remove from carpets and upholstery. If not treated immediately these stains can pet stainsbecome an invitation to your pet to use that same spot again. Here are some tips to remove pet stains and odours from your carpet.

Why use an IICRC qualified carpet cleaner?

When selecting a carpet cleaning service it is important to ensure you choose an IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) technician. Why? because these certified technicians are qualified by completion of study, examinations and experience in the inspection, cleaning and restoration industry.


Why should you undertake regular carpet cleaning? Regular carpet cleaning will add longevity to your carpet. By removing all foreign soils from the pile of your carpet, will ensure you get the best wear from your carpet, not to mention the cleanliness of your carpet after your carpets are professionally cleaned.