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House/ Unit/ Apartment Cleaning

Australian Carpet Cleaning Services provides a professional, stress-free cleaning service that not only ensures landlord satisfaction and bond return, but also the gratification of a fresh, sparkling home.

We pride ourselves on providing consistent and excellent customer service. We guarantee 100% satisfaction every time.

All of our cleaning technicians are fully trained in all aspects of cleaning and are ready to help you with any cleaning tasks that you may require. Cleaning can be scheduled, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or as often as required by each individual client. We can devise a cleaning schedule to suit your needs and budget.

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House, Unit and Apartment Cleaning Services we provide:

Rubbish Removal
Need to free your home, business or office from clutter? Give us a call!  We remove green waste, hard waste, furniture, appliances, cardboard and mattresses. Any rubbish you want removed, we can do it.

From a wipe-over to a full clean, depending on what you require. Cleans can range from just cleaning the sink to a full clean of the inside and outside of cupboards, ceiling exhaust fan, microwave and fridge. We cater to your individual needs and budget.

Stove, Oven, Grill & Range-Hoods
General clean of stove top, oven and accessories.  Accessories can be taken offsite and soaked in a special formula which will remove baked on grease and food splatters, so that they come back looking brand new. Check out the before and after pictures below!



Depending on your needs we can provide you with a spot clean where only minimal cleaning is required or a full wash for the bigger jobs that need that extra attention.  In some cases spot cleaning is not advisable as the cleaned spots are visible. We can advise you on this.

Venetian Blinds
We use the vacuum cleaner’s soft brush attachment and simply run the vacuum over each slat which will pick up any dirt or dust. Alternatively, we also offer a deep clean which involves removing the blinds, washing and drying them offsite, then returning to re-hang.

Thorough clean removing soap scum and grime from shower screens, grout, tiles, baths, basins and surfaces.

Windows and Glass
We clean windows and glass* inside and outside leaving them streak free. With our water-fed pole system it eliminates the use of ladders and scaffolding for safer and easier access to outside glass, while conventional cleaning continues indoors. (*excludes high rise windows & glass.)

Floor Stripping
Without proper maintenance to your vinyl flooring it can appear dull and faded.  It is recommended that floors be stripped and polished at least once a year, especially in high traffic areas.

We can strip the old sealer from your floors then apply three coats of high quality non slip sealer bringing back that sparkling sheen to your floors.

Restrooms and Toilets
Using heavy-duty environmentally friendly chemicals, we not only sanitise and deodorise the inside of your toilet or urinal, but the outside too. This includes the seat, pans, pipes, fittings, tiled walls & floors.

We vacuum using our heavy-duty back pack vacuums designed for all carpets & hard floors.

We use a long handled mop fitted with a clean washing head after each use, made up of absorbent threads.

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