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Garden Maintenance / Rubbish Removal

Australian Carpet Cleaning Services provides a variety of garden maintenance services. Whether it is general landscaping, or weed control and pruning, we can do these jobs for you.

Our Garden Maintenance Services Include:


We offer professional lawn mowing and maintenance services to all properties, from a small backyard to acreage. Whatever your need, we have the machinery to get the job done.


We can tidy up those edges with the use of our equipment. We will use either our cord or the cutting plate for that longer, thicker grass.


Regular pruning and trimming of your plants, trees, hedges and/or shrubs is essential to maintaining your garden. Not only does it keep it looking good, it also promotes new growth.


Tired of those pesky weeds growing back? We can eliminate them with a regular poisoning program to ensure you never have to deal with them again!

* We also provide rubbish removal services. As part of our garden maintenance services, we remove ALL cuttings and trimmings upon completion of any landscaping work.

For more information, or to make use of our garden maintenance and rubbish removal services, contact us today!