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Industrial Cleaning / Builders

industrial cleaning
Australian Carpet Cleaning Services can perform a variety of industrial cleaning services. Whether it is on completion of building projects, or even throughout the building process, we are available to help you. Our services can include the removal of building matter such as excess mortar or silicone, removal of those unwanted paint spots and other marks or blemishes, and fully clean inside and outside the property.

Furthermore, Australian Carpet Cleaning Services is Occupational Health & Safety compliant. Therefore, for all our industrial cleaning jobs we provide all site-specific documentation.

Other industrial cleaning services we offer:

  • Rubbish removal
  • Corking preparation
  • Floor preparation
  • Scrape, scrub and clean tiled areas to remove all grime, dirt, mould and built up matter
  • Full clean of bathrooms, kitchens, en-suites and laundries
  • Clean all sills, points, skirts, switches.
  • Scrape & clean all windows, including frames & tracks
  • Vacuum throughout the property

For more information, or to make use of our industrial cleaning and builder services, contact us today!