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Maintaining your carpets

Carpeting is a huge home investment. Not only does it provide warmth and comfort, but it also makes a style statement in any room. No one wants to have to replace carpeting before its time.

1. Vacuum Daily

Daily vacuuming helps pick up dirt, debris pollutants, allergens, lead, insects, and anything else we drag into the house with our feet, before emerging into the carpet.

2. Clean spots and spills immediately

Immediate attention to spots and spills will reduce the bacteria and any other problems associated with the spill.  Remember to use a clean white rag and BLOT DO NOT RUB the carpet.  Also AVOID OTHER CAPRET CLEANING PRODUCTS.  In most cases other carpet cleaning products simply mask stains or drive them deeper.  Spend that little extra to have carpets professionally cleaned.

3. Help to revive carpet fibres

Carpeting in high-traffic areas can easily become worn down and its fibres’ broken. With regular vacuuming and professional cleaning, you can remove all harmful allergens together with helping to revive your carpet fibres and bring them back to life.

Using advance technology and machinery our powerful hot water extraction system cleans and sanitises right down to the core roots of the carpet, providing superior results.

Is it time for your professional treatment? Take care of your investment and have your carpets professionally cleaned.  Australian Carpet Cleaning Services P/L only uses environmentally friendly products safe for kids and pets.