How to Best Utilise Office Cleaning

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How to Best Utilise Office Cleaning

Routine office cleaning is essential to maintaining a clean and healthy work environment. Furthermore, a clean office can attract new customers and ensure the productivity of your employees. Here are some ways in which you can best utilise a professional office cleaning service:

Know your needs – take the time to work out what level or frequency of cleaning your office requires. Research your options and make comparisons. You don’t want to waste money or time on extras you don’t need. Ask if an office cleaning service can be tailored to your requirements.

Get your employees to help – ask your employees to contribute their efforts to keeping the office space clean. This will reduce the amount of time a professional office cleaning service will take to perform their tasks, and it will allow you to make the best use of their services. Put in place recycling programs, ask your employees to maintain a neat workspace and to clean up after themselves. Small tasks shared by many will help to maintain a clean and hygienic environment, while professional cleaners can take care of bigger jobs.

Go for a regular, scheduled clean – irregular cleaning can be more costly. Arrange a routine cleaning schedule with a professional office cleaning service. This means that office cleaning will become a more simple issue of maintenance, rather than requiring more intensive and expensive cleaning processes due to neglect.

Take advantage of daytime cleaning – it doesn’t need to be as disruptive as you might imagine. You will still pay the same fee, however cleaning during daylight and operating hours will reduce the costs of heating and lighting for a crew to come during the night. Most office cleaning services are able to arrange the cleaning schedule alongside you to ensure that your employees and their work will not be disrupted.

Get more than one job done – make the most of having a professional crew come out to your office by getting them to perform multiple services (for example, carpet cleaning, garden maintenance, tile cleaning etc).

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